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About this site

Created by the European Commission (CINEA and DG ENER), the European Technology Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) brings together a multitude of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector with the aim to guide Research & Innovation (R&I) to support Europe’s energy transition towards a low carbon neutral energy.

The ETIP SNET will support the delivery of a R&I roadmap that will enable the EU to deliver on its 2050 and the intermediate 2030 climate & energy targets.

Main objectives:

  • Set-out a vision for research and innovation for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (SNET) and engage stakeholders in this vision;
  • Prepare and update the Vision, Roadmaps, Implementation Plans and Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas;
  • Provide input to the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan);
  • Identify innovation barriers, notably related to regulation and financing;
  • Develop knowledge-sharing mechanisms that help bringing R&I results to deployment;
  • Prepare consolidated stakeholder views on R&I to European Energy Policy initiatives;
  • Ensure the stakeholder community receives proper feedback;
  • Coordinate with other Initiatives at National (Members States), European and International level.