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ETIP SNET Governance


In order to have a wide representation of stakeholders and offer agile and efficient operation, the Management and Governance structure of ETIP SNET is organised as follows:

  • Governing Board (GB) steers the platform where stakeholder associations send representatives
  • Executive Committee (ExCo) provides executive support to the Governing Board and acts as facilitator to drive the processes, executes the yearly WGs Action Plans approved by the GB and  prepares decisions to be taken by the Governing Board;
  • Permanent Working Groups (WG) (or ad-hoc WGs or Task Forces upon need) opened to experts in any relevant sectors to provide their expertise to achieve the aim of ETIP SNET and giving technical input to EC and to the Governing Board;
  • National Stakeholders Coordination group (NSCG) to provide a sounding board and exchange platform for national R&I stakeholders in the area of energy systems and networks. Its purpose and goal are to support the implementation of SET-Plan Action 4 on Integrated and Flexible Energy Systems;
  • Secretariat/Support Team to support and manage ETIP SNET in its daily functioning, its production of publications and its mission of R&I strategic planning.
  • ETIP SNET Ambassadors to present the ETIP SNET using all type of communication materials and info provided by the Secretariat and bring forward the messages approved by the ETIP SNET GB.


The ETIP gathers a wide range of stakeholders which are to contribute to the Energy Transition:


Transmission System Operators (TSOs)

Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

National representatives

Research & Academia

Storage (technology and services providers)

Final Consumers, incuding prosumers

Market Operators: traders (wholesale, retail, aggregators)

Thermal Generation
Thermal Generation (flexible)

Information and Communication Technology & Network providers

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Renewable Energy Sources

Interface to Other Energy Carriers (Heat, Transport, Gas, …)

* Participation on an ah hoc basis

Governing Board

The current Governing Board is composed of the following representatives:

Mart Van Der Meijden, ENTSO-e
Norela Constantinescu, ENTSO-e
Uros Salobir, ENTSO-e
Antonio Iliceto, ENTSO-e

Luís Cunha, EDSO For Smart Grids
Gert De Block, CEDEC
Venizelos Efthymiou, EURELECTRIC
1 seat pending

Member States
Karl Waninger, German Federal Ministry
Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry
1 seat pending

Research & Academia
Johan Driesen, EUA – EPUE
Luciano Martini, EERA
Tara Esterl, EUREC
1 seat pending

Storage (technology and services providers)
Erwin Marckx, EUROBAT
Pierre Le Romancer, EASE
Ralf Grether, HEA

Final Consumers, including prosumers
Laurent Schmitt, SMARTEN
1 seat pending

Market Operators: traders (wholesale, retail, aggregators) and power exchange
2 seats pending

Thermal Generation (flexible)
Emmanouil Kakaras, Energy Technologies Europe
Hans Kortenweg, COGEN
Sebastiaan Bleuanus, EUGINE
Ralf Wezel, EUTurbines
Rob Versteirt, ETN

ICT & Network solutions providers
Markus Bechmann, ESMIG
2 seats pending

Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
Laurent Keromnes, Europacable
Toma Mikalauskaitė, Orgalim
Jochen Kreusel, T&D Europe

Renewable Energy Sources
Pierre-Jean Alet, ETIP Photovoltaics
Dominik Rutz, ETIP RES Heating and Cooling
Alexander Vandenberghe, ETIP Wind
3 seats pending

Interface to other energy carriers (Heat, Transport, Gas,…)
Aksana Krasatsenka, Euro Heat & Power
Jesse Scott, EUROGAS
Marieke Reijalt, European Hydrogen Association

Executive Committee

Chairman: Luís Cunha, EDSO For Smart Grids 

Vice-chairman: Norela Constantinescu, ENTSO-e

WG1 Chair: Santiago Gallego - Co-Chairs: Albana Ilo, Nuno Souza e Silva - Honorary Co-Chairs: Natalie Samovich, Antonio Illiceto

WG2 Chair: Lorenzo Grande - Co-Chairs: Franco Di Persio, Pedro Rodriguez 

WG3 Chair: Peter Jansohn - Co-Chairs: Olaf Bernstrauch, Thai Phuong - Honorary Co-Chair: Alexander Wiedermann

WG4 Chair: Nikos Hatziargyriou - Co-Chairs: Laura Grana, Laurent Schmitt - Honorary Co-Chair: Miguel Sanchez Fornie

WG5 Chair: Sergio Olivero - Co-Chairs:Thales Papazoglou, Rad Stanev - Honorary Co-Chairs: Venizelos Efthymiou

National Stakeholders Coordination Group: Michele De Nigris, GIuseppe Palazzo