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ETIP-SNET will take part in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona to discuss about Deep Retrofit solutions addressing environmental and energy needs

Tuesday. 31 October 2023

This year, under the banner of "EC Initiatives on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities," the goal of the European Commissiona and of the Smart Cities Marketplace's joint presence is to accelerate the implementation of sustainable urban solutions in alignment with the EU Green Deal and REPowerEU plan at local level

ETIP-SNET’s representatives of Working Group 5 on Innovation implementation in the business environment will participate in the session organized by the Deep Retrofitting focus group of the Smart Cities Marketplace on November 9th, 15.00-16.30 in Room B1. The session will also be streamed. 
Discussion with relevant experts will be chaired by Sergio Olivero, Chair of the Deep Retrofitting Focus Group and of ETIP SNET Working Group 5.


  • Welcome and short introduction to the Smart Cities Marketplace - Han Vandevyvere (VITO)
  • The Deep Retrofitting Focus Group (DRFG) introduction - Sergio Olivero (Chair of DRFG)
  • The ETIP-SNET Initiative: Venizelos Efthymiou (Honorary Co-Chair of ETIP SNET WG 5 and Director of EPL Technology Frontiers Ltd)
  • Deep energy retrofit: assessment of passive and active buildings - Cristina Becchio (Politecnico di Torino)
  • The Gal Terre del Po experience - Sergio Olivero (as member of the Scientific Committee of the CERCHIAMO Energia Project on Renewable Energy Communities (REC) - Italy
  • The role of ICT-IoT-AI digital platforms to manage energy transition in cities - Andrea Acquaroni (Fabbrica Digitale)
  • Discussion

More information about the Deep Retrofitting group can be found here.

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