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Wednesday. 12 July 2023

The ETIP SNET and the National Stakeholder Coordination Group (NSCG) organised a series of three events to ignite a discussion platform among stakeholders from different European initiatives, programs and projects to exchange opinions, knowledge and experience.


This series of events aims at establishing a discussion platform among stakeholders from different European initiatives, programs and projects to exchange opinion, knowledge and experience. Acknowledging the fact that flexibility has been a subject of research and debate among researchers and technicians since the increase of RES in the systems, this series of events wants to make an additional step in the discussion, focussing on a dialogue towards policy and regulation. Three meetings are planned, spanning over the months of April to June and focussing the attention on the needs and sources of flexibility from the local perspectives.

The event series is jointly organized by the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) and the National Stakeholder Coordination Group (NSCG)


 Event #1: Regional and local flexibility needs

Wednesday, 19th April 2023, 14:00 - 16:30 (CEST)

With the first meeting we analysed the different facets of local flexibility and its influence on the local and global development plans: starting from a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the electricity system, the experts will showcase the importance of reaching a delicate balance between the generation and the load, to guarantee the system stability and quality of supply. The potential gap is filled-in by flexibility measures, along the different timeframes (i.e. from seconds to seasons) and geographies (from local to global): the meeting will address the question of what types and volumes of flexibility are needed while increasing the penetration of non-programmable renewables at national and local energy system level and development.

The recording of event #1 is available HERE.


Event #2: Energy communities’ contribution to local and regional flexibility

Tuesday, 9th May 2023, 14:00 - 16:30 (CEST)

Location: online The second meeting focuses the attention on technologies and solutions for flexibility and on the regulatory and market pathways to unleash its effects along the value chain; technology and solutions providers will debate with network operators, policy makers and regulators to identify the best ways towards implementation. Existing marketplaces and future needs will be identified and debated at the light of positive examples of policy and regulation.

The recording of event #2 is available HERE.


Event #3: Technologies and markets for local / regional flexibility

Wednesday, 14th June 2023, 14:00 - 18:00, Location: hybrid (Rome and online)

The third meeting deals with Energy Communities and other Local Collective Actions as a potentially powerful means to enable the bottom-up contribution to decarbonisation through societal change: the role of local policies to foster cooperative provision of flexibilities will be discussed as well as the role and potential for local governments to cooperate with industries and national and EC level political institutions.

The recording of event #3 is available HERE.

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