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Watch the ETIP SNET webinar on “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics”

Tuesday. 09 June 2020

The ETIP SNET Working Group 2 on Storage technologies and sector interfaces  in cooperation with the ETIP Batteries Working Group 6 on Application and integration: Stationary hosted the webinar  “Storage, Technology, Markets and Economics” on the 22nd of June 2020.  


On the program:

-Introduction by Yves Schlumberger, ETIP SNET Board member and WG2 Chair, EDF R&D Storage Program Chief (10 min):

  1. ETIP SNET and the role of WG2,
  2. Presenting the webinar structure.

-Luigi Lanuzza, ETIP Batteries WG6 Chair, Head of New Technologies at Enel X:

  1. ETIP Batteries and its main focus points on stationary batteries;
  2. The role and main topics of WG6: stationary batteries.

-Mark Howitt, Storelectric CTO and co-founder, & Enrique Morgades Prat, Head for Market Development CIRCE: Introduction about storage in the energy system: storage technologies & markets.

-Etienne Sorin, EDF R&D Expert Stockage: Technico-economic analysis of storage technologies .

-Silvia Bodoardo, Professor at Politecnico di Torino: Li-ion and other battery technologies

-Ramon Gero, R&D Engineer at Instituto Tecnologico de la Energia, ITE: V2G role in energy system storage.

-Michael Willemot, CFO Business Development, Oxto Energy: Inertia.

-Mark Howitt, CTO & co-founder of Storelectric : Compressed gas technology.

-Youlong Ding, Professor at University of Birmingham: Liquid air energy storage.


You can watch the recording of the webinar here below:


Webinar slides :

1- Yves Schlumberger – Introduction – ETIP SNET – WG2

2- Lugi Lanuzza_ETIP Batteries Europe – WG6

3- Mark Howitt – Storelectric

3a- Enrique Morgades – storage energy market overview – CIRCE

4- Etienne_SORIN_Webinar_ETIP_SNET_VF

5- Sylvia Bodoardo – webinar PPT ETIP SNETpost lithium ion technologies

6- Ramon Gero – ETI presentation V2

7- Michael Willemot – OXTO Energy

8- Mark Howitt – Storage technologies overview

9- Yulong Ding – Liquid Air Energy Storage – Uni Birmingham

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